Man with wounds treated in ambulance for suspected smallpox

A patient with wounds on his body needed to be treated inside an ambulance before being accepted by the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (Hran). The man and others went so far as to say that it was monkeypox. The hypothesis, however, was soon discarded.

O metropolises heard a server from the Health Department who was on duty when he was called to receive the patient. “When we were informed that it was a possible case of monkeypox, the care had to be done inside the ambulance itself. The doctor had to evaluate the patient inside the transport for lack of an adequate place”, said the professional, who asked to have his identity preserved.

The report spoke to another source at the hospital, who ruled out the diagnosis of monkeypox in the man treated in the ambulance. “There was a patient who arrived at the Hran and they said it was smallpox, but that was not the case. The lesions are totally outside the pattern of the disease,” he explained.

Sought, the Health Department said that “the information of the patient treated in an ambulance does not proceed”. The folder also reported that the DF is already prepared to deal with the new disease.

“As soon as the first cases were registered in Brazil, the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (Cievs) of the DF issued an epidemiological alert to the primary care and hospital units of the public and private networks”, he stressed.

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