Marilu Bueno carried the good humor of her characters in the more than 60 years of her career

“I bring good humor with me”, said Marilu Bueno in an old interview for the program ‘Encontro’, in 2013; remember

At 82, the actress Marilu Bueno died this Wednesday (22), and left a great legacy for teledramaturgy. With more than 60 years of experience, she has had iconic roles in soap operas such as war sex and in children’s Headhunter.

Charismatic and happy with life, the artist always appeared smiling in an interview and made a point of showing her good humor. In 2013, good gave an interview to Meeting with Fatima Bernardesin Globo, and talked about their characters.

At the time she gave the interview, the actress was on the air with the remake of Battle of the sexes playing Olivia, the maid of her nephews, played by Tony Ramos and Irene Ravache. In her statement, she also recalled her role in the play‘Cheating and Scratching is Just Getting Started’:

“I bring with me the good humor of my characters, Olivia. From Olímpia too, protagonist of Marcos Caruso’s show”, said the artist, smiling, when asked about what she brought to her life from her characters. See the excerpt from the interview by clicking here!

the last work of marilu it was in 2020, in the soap opera ‘Save yourself who can’, when she made Dulce, at Globo.


Owner of characters that marked Brazilian television, Marilu Bueno leaves a brilliant trajectory, hilarious and full of genius interpretations. The lady of dramaturgy started on television in the 1960s, when she debuted on camera in the film the termitein Charlemagne. Since then, the also producer has traced a career marked by soap operas and humorous series.

At Rede Globo, Marilu Bueno was present in plots such as Stupid Cupid, The Novice, The Cat Ate, The Color of Sin, Êta Mundo Bom and the unforgettable Battle of the sexesin which the actress participated as olivia both in the original version in 1983, and in the remake in 2012.

Still on the carioca station, Marilu Bueno was one of the most memorable characters in Headhunterthe children’s soap opera starring Angelica and that marked the generation of the 1990s and early 2000s. In the plot, the star played the eternal Fairy Godmother who advised the sweet beautiful fairylived by the wife of Luciano Huck.

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