Mason’s Glove would have only R$ 7,500 in his bank accounts

The digital influencer Iran Ferreira, 20, the famous “Mason’s Glove“, would have in his bank accounts only R$ 7,500, revealed his new entrepreneurs to columnist Leo Dias, from the Metropoles portal.

With 14 million followers on Instagram alone, two months ago Iran Ferreira signed a contract with Amazon Prime, which would have earned him R$1 million. Before, according to the columnist, the influencer’s first big billing was R$ 300 thousand. However, Mason’s Glove’s new agents have no idea where that money has gone.

Netizens accuse Allan Jesus of theft

Last June 19th, Glove de Pedreiro said he would take a break from producing his videos good-natured football fans and their millions of followers soon became suspicious of the motives.

This week, the influencer deleted all the mentions he had made in relation to his first manager Allan Jesus, owner of ASJ Consultoria, giving a clear sign that the problem would be related to this.

On social media, as soon as the news emerged this Wednesday (22) about the amount available in Luva de Pedreiro’s accounts, netizens began to accuse Allan Jesus of having stolen the digital influencer. The ex-manager of Luva de Pedreiro has not yet commented on the matter.

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