Mega Millions draws R$1.5 billion in jackpot this Friday

The American Mega Millions lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in the entire world and every one of us has dreamed, at least once, of winning a big jackpot!

The Mega Millions jackpot is at $312 million US dollars, more than R$1.5 billion, in the Friday night draw, June 24th. The amazing thing is that it is possible to participate in this game even if you are in Brazil! As? Just click to register TheLotterthe world’s leading online lottery ticket buying service, and you can participate in the next Mega Millions draw.

Over the years, the TheLotter paid out over $110 million in prizes to over 7 million winners worldwide! To date, the biggest winner on TheLotter is a player from Panama, Aura D., who won $30 million after playing Lotto Florida. Another story worth mentioning is that of the MM from Baghdad who won the $6.4 million jackpot in the Oregon Megabucks lottery.

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How theLotter works

When a new customer registers on TheLotter, the company’s local representatives in the US, buy official tickets for you. For this service, the site charges a transaction fee and you will receive a scanned copy of your tickets in your private account before the draw. After the draws, TheLotter publishes the winning numbers on the results page.

And TheLotter is prepared to serve Brazilian customers. “We are proud to offer our services to players in Brazil,” says TheLotter spokesperson Adrian Cooremans.

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4 steps to play for the $312 million prize pool

1. Go to the page of Mega Millions at TheLotter

2. Choose the number of lines you want to play on

3. Choose your lucky numbers

4. Confirm your purchase

For US lotteries, TheLotter offers the opportunity to play with a single line for one price. under 5 dollars.

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When you win a prize, it’s all yours!

THE TheLotter does not charge a commission fee for your winnings. When you win a lottery prize at TheLotter, the winnings are transferred to your account. In case luck has smiled on you with the grand prize, the company will cover your trip to receive it in person.

Can non-US players really win US lotteries?

Yea! Adrian Cooremans explains: “According to US lottery rules, you do not need to be a US citizen or resident to play. However, in order to receive any prize, your lottery ticket must not leave US territory. Customers are held in a vault in the United States and customers receive a scanned copy of the ticket in their account as proof of ownership.”

When is the next draw?

Mega Millions draws $312 million on Friday, June 24, 2022

Could someone from Brazil win the huge Mega Millions jackpot? Sure, why not? Everything is possible, just take the first step and participate in the sweepstakes! Play the lottery online at It’s simple and also safe.

For more information on how to play Mega Millions online without leaving Brazil, click and visit We wish you the best of luck and play responsibly!

A6E120BE 71E7 4C99 93A7 08CA71551827 - Mega Millions draws this Friday R$ 1.5 billion jackpot is operated by Lotto Direct Limited, a company licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (License: MGA/CRP/402/2017 issued 01/08/2018). The service is for adults only. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled. Please play responsibly. For more information, visit the Malta Responsible Gaming Foundation:

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