Missed flight, hotel with no vacancy and panties in the pocket; Viih Tube reports perrengues next to Eliezer during a trip to the USA: “It surpasses anyone”


The ‘no labels’ couple are enjoying a trip to the United States together

Photo 1: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Viih Tube |  Photo 2: Reproduction/Official Eliezer Instagram
Photo 1: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Viih Tube | Photo 2: Reproduction/Official Eliezer Instagram

Former BBBs HIV Tube and Eliezer keep enjoying the romance together. This time, on a new trip, the ‘no labels’ couple reported that even enjoying in another country, the perrengues don’t stop. In a sequence of stories published in the early hours of this Thursday (23), on the blonde’s profile, the influencer told some unusual situations they went through.

The first one is a situation that many people have faced when it comes to airports. While Viih and Eliezer were boarding for Europe, they were late and almost missed their flight. From France to the United States, they ended up not having the same luck and lost a connection to Chicago.

“Guys, we literally traveled all day, and then the flight was delayed, we ended up missing the next connecting flight because of that, and then they put us on the next flight tomorrow morning”, told Youtuber. However, Viih said they were sent to a hotel and when they got there they had no more room available: “It’s not possible”fired in disbelief.

And he added: “I already had the energy to go through trouble on the road, but he’s better than anyone, okay?”. Meanwhile, Eliezer was trying to sort out the hotel reservation issue so that the two of them would have somewhere to stay until their next flight. “Viih Tube will never be the same and you will never want to see me or painted in diamonds”he amused himself.

What they didn’t expect is that the troubles weren’t over yet: “A guy who looked at Eli and said that something was going to fall out of his pocket, when we went to see it, it was my panties KKKK because as usual we ran out and I had forgotten it in the hotel bed and he put it in his pocket. Guys, it’s everything!”, he said, reporting that to save time and not open the suitcase, they chose to put the panties in Eli’s pocket.

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