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Monique Evans went public to detonate Arthur Aguiar but ended up being detonated by the fan club

Last Tuesday night (21), Monique Evans got into a fight with fans of Arthur Aguiar, winner of Big Brother Brasil 2022, after detonating the actor on social media.

Monique Evans decided to criticize Arthur Aguiar, comparing him with Jade Picon, an influencer who will star in the new Globo soap opera even without DRT (Professional Registration for Artists).

“There must be a lot of people jealous of Jade Picon, who will be in the soap opera”, started Monique Evans, referring to Jade Picon starring in Globo’s new 9 pm telenovela.

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Monique Evans and her girlfriend, DJ Cacá Werneck, are arrested for theft
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“Sometimes winning the BBB doesn’t mean anything! I’ve seen others parading, working… and where is the champion? Congratulations, Jade. She deserves a lot of pride.” detonated Monique Evans, clearly in an indirect to Arthur Aguiar for not having achieved so far, nothing in the carioca station.

The problem is that Monique did not expect to receive so much hate on social networks from fans of Arthur Aguiar, who made a point of promptly defending the actor:

“The champion is where you will never be, because your place is in the asylum” fired a follower.

Then another follower blasted Monique Evans: “Since he started his artistic life, Arthur has participated in more than 10 soap operas, with DRT, he has already made films and is a millionaire, without a godfather, okay? Accept that it hurts less, aunt! Forget Arthur, ma’am. Congratulations on Jade’s first soap opera, may she get the DRT soon.”


Apparently, Arthur Aguiar offered to present the musical program ‘TVZ’ by Multishow, Globo’s entertainment and music channel.

But, according to UOL, Arthur would have taken a big ‘No’ in the face, and the rejection took proportions in the public environment.

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