Musk wants to filter against offensive tweets and reduce ‘freedom of reach’ – 22/06/2022

Entrepreneur Elon Musk believes that the existence of a filter on Twitter that blocks posts that users find offensive could make the social network an “attractive system to use”.

In addition, the billionaire also provides the possibility for users to set preferences on the platform to limit what they want to see within the “limits of the law”. For him, the goal is “to get the most people to want to be on Twitter.”

The suggestions were made by Musk during the Qatar Economic Forum, in an interview with Bloomberg News editor-in-chief John Micklethwait.

“If your preferences are to see or read anything, then you’ll have that,” he said. “But if you’d rather not see comments that you find offensive in one way or another, then you can have that with an adjustment to not see,” the businessman explained.

Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has made an offer to buy Twitter estimated at $44 billion. But the process was suspended due to unresolved issues, such as the lack of details on the number of fake accounts on the social network.

Below you can see the interview (in English) that Musk gave during the event:

inclusive twitter

The billionaire also said that Twitter should be as inclusive as possible and commented that freedom of expression and freedom of reach are different things.

“Obviously, in America, you can go in the middle of Times Square [avenida famosa de Nova York] and scream whatever you want. You will piss off people around you, but you can yell whatever you want in a public place,” he stated.

“But whatever you say, as controversial as it is, it doesn’t have to be broadcast nationwide,” Musk added.

The businessman has already said on different occasions that he is against Twitter’s practice of banning user accounts that violate the social network’s usage policies – Donald Trump’s was blocked, for example. Therefore, he argues that the platform should have greater freedom of expression.

What Twitter Allows Today

The businessman did not go into further detail about what this filter would look like. And neither does Twitter. But the social network already:

  • Allows users to filter or block content they find offensive from specific accounts, such as tweets sent by robots and automated profiles
  • Mute specific words. Example: not seeing tweets that contain the term “hate” in posts.
  • Report accounts that violate the social network’s rules, which involve banning hate speech, spreading fake news, promoting violence, extremism, and banning the posting of adult content.

*With information from the Insider website.

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