Owner in the title “As Patroas” has profiles on social networks disabled after false reports: “Me brought down”

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Daisy Soares won in court for the title “As Patroas”

Maiara and Maraísa lost in court the right to use the name "The Mistresses"
© Reproduction/[email protected]Maiara and Maraísa lost in court the right to use the name “As Patroas”

the fans of Marília Mendonça and Maiara and Maraisa were floored by the news that the singers could not use the name “The Mistresses” in the musical project they consolidated together. The real owner of the title, Daisy Soareswent to court by name and won the case, since then the artist has not had peace in her career.

That’s because this Wednesday (22), the singer revealed that she was the target of false reports in her accounts in the social networks that caused the profiles to be taken down. So far, Daisy has not been able to retrieve the pages and has opted to extrajudicially notify the Goalthe company responsible for networks such as Instagramfor example.

“They made complaints as if I was imitating someone. Is that the singers had an Instagram with the name “the mistresses“, it was verified, because for people with I don’t know how many millions of followers this verification comes faster, and then there were those who joined to report my profile based on this one. My account was created since 2014 and they took me down claiming that I was copying a profile created later,” said Daisy to the portal Extra.

“We notify extrajudicially, in order to resolve as quickly as possible and as friendly as possible. The deactivation was pure injustice, and that’s what we demonstrated in the notification. we show that Daisy is the legitimate owner of the use of the brand ‘A Patroa’ and had an account in Instagram that used only and exclusively its registered trademark. We briefly report on the lawsuit that is in progress and the repercussion of the preliminary decision on the singers’ fans. Finally, we demonstrate the attacks of the haters and their calls to block Daisy’s account with a lying reason: ‘report by saying that she is impersonating an artist”, explains Daisy’s lawyer, Rodrigo Morais.

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