Pantanal: Guta decides to open the game, reveals a secret from the past to Tadeu and says: “History is too complex”


The couple will resume dating, causing Guta to make a revelation

Guta will reveal secret of the past to Tadeu
© Reproduction / GlobeGuta will reveal secret of the past to Tadeu

In the next chapters of the novel wetlandfrom TV Globo, Guta (Julia Dalavia) will get back together with Tadeu (José Loreto) after another hot meeting between the couple. The relationship, which goes through ups and downs, will gain one more component: the revelation that Tenório’s daughter (Murilo Benício) was involved with her brother Marcelo (Lucas Neto) in the past.

In a moment of longing, Guta will go back to looking for Tadeu to get right. A short time later, the two kiss and, just this gesture, will be enough to solve the problem that existed.. From there, the couple decides to get back together. “We may not understand each other with words, but no one has ever left me like you leave me”will speak the pawn, still in love.

In the quest to vent about the past, Guta will choose Tadeu to share a secret that torments her so much. “It’s a very complex story…”, says the young woman, as she tries to clarify the issue for her boyfriend. “Why complex?”, asks Filó’s son (Dira Paes). “Because I found out that this other one is my brother”Guta will answer, alluding to the case he lived with Marcelo, the son of Tenório’s other marriage.

After discovering that she would be the boy’s half-sister, she continues to be bothered by the fact that she liked Marcelo in the past. This Tuesday (21), it was the turn of Tenório’s son to hear a conversation behind the door and to know who was, in fact, Guta, with whom she had a relationship in the past.

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