Pay TV in Brazil drops to 13.2 million subscribers

Phenomenon that has occurred around the world, conventional pay TV in Brazil continues to have an unprecedented drain of subscribers.

Anatel data show that, in April, the total number of subscribers to this media fell to 13.2 million, a drop of 0.6% compared to March.

That number is quickly approaching the subscriber base that was in 2011 (about 12.8 million).

In 12 months the fall is 6.6%, calculated Anatel.

That’s a drop of nearly 8 million subscribers in eight years.

Even you, fiber optics?

Unlike the rest of Brazil, in the Northeast region pay TV grew: modest 0.3% in the month, but relevant 8.4% in 12 months. Today the region has 2.09 million subscribers.

After two years of continuous growth, says the Anatel note, fiber optic distribution in Brazil also started to fall this year.

Subscribers of this modality in April were 1,326 million -8,000 less than in March. Since January this index has decreased.

When the operators’ “boxes” (Conditional Access Service) are also included in the total number of subscribers (traditional pay TV + boxes), the number rises to 15.5 million.

Even so, there was a drop of almost 1% compared to the previous month.

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