Pedro Paulo Rangel reveals serious illness and his real state of health

Pedro Paulo Rangel, 73, talks about chronic illness and confirms his health status

the veteran actor Pedro Paulo Rangel, was very successful in the past in Globo soap operas. For decades, he was a stamped face in global dramaturgy and ended up being recognized as one of the greatest actors of all time.

Unfortunately, the artist surprised the public by reporting his real state of health. Pedro Paulo Rangel was diagnosed with a chronic illness. “I have seen news that I am sick, that I have stopped working. I wanted to deny it. In fact, I have a chronic disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), caused by smoking”, he revealed, in a conversation with the journalist. Patricia Kogutof newspaper O Globo.

Denying the fake news that surrounds the internet that Pedro Paulo Rangel would have stopped acting because of the illness, he says that this does not stop him from taking the stage, his true passion. “That absolutely doesn’t stop me from working,” he pointed out.

“I take medication, I have a routine. I do physical therapy. I just can’t walk many meters, I can’t, it makes me short of breath. But on stage I walk perfectly.” Pedro Paulo Rangel.

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Then, Pedro Paulo Rangel told about how he manages to leave the house and transport himself. “On the streets I use a scooter. It’s my way of getting out of the house and getting around. I don’t want to walk and stop every hundred meters to breathe,” revealed the veteran actor.

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Actor Pedro Paulo Ranger talks about chronic illness
Actor Pedro Paulo Ranger talks about chronic illness (Disclosure)

Then, the artist vented to the journalist from The globe. “I’m not an invalid in bed. It was really annoying when I read this. It’s unpleasant”, he lamented, about the news that circulated the internet due to his chronic illness diagnosed in 2020.

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About COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Pedro Paulo Rangel reports about the symptoms and what happens. “She shows no signs, it’s a treacherous disease. When it appears, babau. It has no cure, it is irreversible and progressive. I had already stopped smoking, but the damage was done,” he explained.

“And I’m a hardcore ex-smoker. I can’t see someone with a cigarette in front of me. I say: ‘Don’t do that, look at my situation’”, said the veteran actor about how he deals with his former addiction that brought him the disease.

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