Police goes to Eugênio’s house and Joaquim despairs in Beyond the Illusion

Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) does not get tired of creating new frames to get along with other people, and with each passing day, he manages to reach new levels in his plans, however, the price to be paid may be close to being charged. In the next chapters of Beyond the Illusionthe spoiled con artist will be desperate when eugenio (Marcello Novaes) receives an unexpected visit from the police.

It turns out that Joaquim is one of the heads of a large scheme to buy overpriced equipment for the factory, in addition to getting false maintenance for the same new machines, and thus profit on top of everything. However, as he couldn’t think of everything in the smallest details, he ended up leaving great evidence of his crime inside his own office at the factory, and they were immediately stolen by Davi (Rafael Vitti), who wants revenge on his rival.

Úrsula is also involved in the setup.  Source: Reproduction/Globo
Úrsula is also involved in the setup. Source: Reproduction/Globo
Úrsula is also involved in the setup. Source: Reproduction/Globo

Moments after the magician has taken the documents, a policeman pays a visit to Eugênio’s house, leaving his godson desperate for believing that his frame may have been denounced, and that this could be the end of him. However, the reason for the police visit to the businessman is still unknown, but it may have been a warning from Davi, since a little after all that, he gives his ultimatum to Joaquim to get away from Isadora (Larissa Manoela), or will expose everything.

Now, it is up to Joaquim to decide whether or not he will accept Davi’s blackmail, as he feels that the tables have turned against him, and there is not much that can be done. Stay tuned here at 24 Hour Diary for more summaries of Beyond Illusion.

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