Pregnant child prevented from having an abortion in SC was raped by teenage relative

The investigation by the Civil Police of Santa Catarina into the case of the 11-year-old girl who was prevented from having an abortion pointed out that the suspect of raping her was an underage relative, a teenager.

Police investigation into the case was completed and sent to Justice 10 days ago –  Photo: Pixabay/Disclosure/NDPolice investigation into the case was concluded and sent to Justice 10 days ago – Photo: Pixabay/Disclosure/ND

Deputy Alison Rocha, who presided over the case, informed that the police investigation was concluded and sent to the judiciary and the Santa Catarina Public Ministry 10 days ago.

According to the delegate, the investigation went smoothly and the work was completed quickly.

“We were able to move quickly on the case and collected all the necessary elements. The involvement of a minor was identified”, said the delegate.

As the process runs in secrecy of justice, the delegate preferred not to inform if the boy is responsible for the infraction that corresponds to the crime of rape of a vulnerable person. He also did not say whether he is in the socio-educational system.

Cases like this are governed by the ECA (Statute of Children and Adolescents). The minor offender can suffer from a warning to a more serious measure, such as hospitalization in the socio-educational system.

This Tuesday (21), the girl left the shelter where she had been sheltered for more than a month, after a decision by the Justice of Santa Catarina.

Also on Tuesday, the lawyer filed a habeas corpus requesting authorization for the girl to have an abortion. The baby is 29 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy was discovered in May, when she was in her 22nd week.

remember the case

The girl’s case came to light after the publication of a report by Portal Catarinas in partnership with the Intercept Brasil, this Monday (20).

The child, then ten years old, discovered the pregnancy at the 22nd week of pregnancy. She was taken by her mother to the Professor Polydoro Ernani de São Thiago University Hospital, the HU, linked to the UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) to perform the legal abortion.

The medical team, however, refused to perform the abortion, as the procedure is only performed in the unit without judicial consent until the 20th week of pregnancy.

Prosecutor Mirela Dutra Alberton, assigned to the 2nd Prosecutor’s Office of the municipality of Tijucas, filed a precautionary action asking for the institutional reception of the girl, where she should “stay until it is verified that she is no longer at risk”. [de violência sexual] and may return to the natural family.”

Judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer granted the protective measure and compared the protection of the girl’s health to the protection of the fetus. In a hearing held on May 9, both the prosecutor and the judge tried to induce the girl to keep the pregnancy, according to a video obtained exclusively by the report of Portal Catarinas. “Would you bear to stay a little longer?”, asks the magistrate.

The child was sent to a shelter, where she stayed for more than a month, until the Santa Catarina Justice determined that she could leave the place and return to stay with her mother.

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