Prosecutor attacked in Registro (SP) wants to arrest colleague: ‘I need this security’ – São Paulo

attacked with punches, shoves, elbows and shoves by a prosecutor headed, the Attorney General of the Registry (SP) Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39 years old, sees the aggressions he experienced as another example of the machismo still in force in the country. To Estadãosaid wait for preventive detention of the also prosecutor Demetrius Oliveira de Macedowhich was requested by the police this Wednesday, the 22nd. “I feel very insecure and I really need that security to be able to follow my routine, my daily life”, she said.

Attacked on the afternoon of Monday, 20, the wanted woman was left with several injuries on her body, especially on her face. She believes that the attacks were motivated by having opened a proposal for an administrative procedure against Macedo after being contacted by an employee about hostile attitudes. Hours before the episode of violence, a publication by official diary determined the creation of a commission to investigate the situation.

Given the repercussion of the case and the progress of the investigations, Gabriela still sees herself as an exception in the scenario of violence against women in the country. “I’m being very ‘privileged’. Many women saw only statistics. I am able to show that institutions can enforce the law,” she says. “We are fighting to make this happen, to create a culture (to combat violence against women).”

She considers that the case she lived through is symptomatic of a society that she still considers to be patriarchal. “In my case, you can clearly see a sexist person, who didn’t accept orders from a woman”, she says.

“He tried to subjugate me (during the assault), to belittle me for my condition, for my physique, for the difference in size. That can’t happen: people have to be shoulder to shoulder, not one above the other, one smaller than the other, even more so in a work environment,” he says. “Women have to conquer their space at work, in society, and people have to fight for that to happen.”

For her, the repercussion of the images of part of the aggression will help in the investigation of the case and in a greater discussion about violence against women in society. “It touched a lot of people. This highlights the patriarchy that women still live in. It brings up this issue of violence that many women suffer, this inversion of values: while the aggressor is free, the victim has to hide so as not to be assaulted, not to be raped.”

Both had worked together since 2013. According to the prosecutor, Macedo had already made clear his dissatisfaction with the rise of women in the environment in which they were, especially after another colleague was appointed as a prosecutor. “His non-formal communication was violent, ignoring, neglecting people’s needs and routine. While we were busy, I didn’t offer help with work things.” The prosecutor intends to sue Macedo in the civil sphere, for moral and aesthetic damages.

Macedo’s friends and acquaintances said he had a big change in behavior after he lost his father, to whom he was very close, just over a year ago. “I’m not sure if the death was due to covid, but it seems so. The fact is that he became very closed off, introspective,” said a friend, who asked not to be identified. Another colleague, from college days, said he was a diligent student and very close to his family. According to the website Jusbrasil, Demetrius has already acted in 1,189 cases.

Before losing his father, Demetrius worked out at a gym in Registro. “He cared about his looks, his physical appearance, yes, but that was before he suffered the family loss.” The prosecutor’s ex-girlfriend did not respond to the report.

Demetrius maintains a page on the social network Facebook, but the content is restricted to friends. The posts reveal an interest in books and cooking. Registration with the São Paulo section of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) was obtained on January 20, 2011. He began his legal career as a lawyer, with an office at Rua Diogo de Castro, in Jardim São Paulo, east of the capital. .

The former mayor of Registro, Sandra Kennedy (PT), who is currently a councilor in the city, reports that Demetrius was the first public prosecutor in the municipality. “Soon he started pushing to be Secretary of Legal Affairs. As I did not give in to the pressure, he began to act to my disadvantage.”

This Wednesday, about 400 women demonstrated in Registro against misogyny (contempt for women and feminine values) and demanding justice in defense of the battered prosecutor. The group demanded the appointment of delegates to the Women’s Police Stations in the State. “In Registro, we have a women’s police station, but we don’t have a delegate, as in most other cities in São Paulo”, said the councilwoman.

Police seek preventive detention of prosecutor

THE Civil Police of São Paulo asked the Justice for preventive detention from Macedo. According to the state government, delegate Daniel Vaz Rocha, from the 1st Police District of Record, requested the arrest in the 1st Criminal Court of the municipality, in the interior of São Paulo.

The case was recorded in a police report on Monday, as bodily injury and contempt, but there was no arrest in the act on the date. At the moment, the prosecutor still had injuries and bleeding on her face after repeated kicks, elbows, punches and shoves. Part of the physical and verbal aggression was recorded on videos by witnesses.

Two days after the attacks, the delegate identified that the wanted “has been having serious problems in his relationship with women in the work environment, and, in freedom, he exposes their lives to danger, and consequently, public order”, according to information from the The videos of the aggression and the testimony of the attorney general were used to support the request for preventive detention.

The governor Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) announced the arrest warrant on social media. “The aggression of the registry attorney to a colleague will not go unpunished. The Civil Police has just asked for the arrest of the aggressor Demétrius Macedo. May Justice do its part and punish any and all cowards who attack a woman,” he posted.

City Hall suspends prosecutor; case is also investigated by OAB/SP and Public Ministry

THE Municipality of Registro determined the preventive suspension for 30 days from the attorney. The decision was published in the Official Gazette of the city on Tuesday, 21, and also provides for the suspension of payment of salaries during the period.

According to municipal legislation, the suspension can be extended for another 30 days, if “there is a need for his removal to determine the fault attributed to him”. In a video, Mayor Nilton Hirota (PSDB) expressed indignation at the aggression, which he called “execrable”, and said he will take all necessary measures, respecting legal guidelines. “We will take all measures within the legal framework, observing the Server Statute.”

The OAB/SP also announced that it had determined the establishment of a representation letter against the prosecutor and the beginning of the procedural procedures “necessary for the preventive suspension of the accused” from the practice of law. According to the institution, he will be notified to appear and “manifest himself regarding the facts for deliberation by the competent TED Panel, which must conclude the disciplinary process within a maximum period of 90 days”.

The São Paulo Public Ministry appointed two prosecutors to investigate the case. “Prosecutors contacted the victim to guide her and collect the first subsidies for the investigation of the facts soon after the episode, which is also accompanied by the Gender Nucleus of the Criminal Operational Support Center (CAOCrim)”, it said in a note. / JOSÉ MARIA TOMAZELA COLLABORATED

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