Prosecutor says that Vianópolis health system is overloaded due to the increase in Covid-19 cases and appeals to the population

The Prosecutor, Lucas César Costa Ferreira gave an interview to Correspondent Vianopolino when he addressed the increase in Covid-19 cases in Vianópolis.

He begins the interview by saying that we are now experiencing another moment of advancement of the pandemic, believing it will not be the last.

Lucas César says that the many cases detected in our municipality mean an overload of the Municipal Health Department.

In other words, the health system is overloaded, as is happening at the State and Federal level.

The Prosecutor clarified that in April of that year, the Federal Government revoked the Decree that established the state of public calamity resulting from the pandemic situation.

Therefore, the measures of confrontation that until then were elected and enshrined in law are no longer imposed on citizens.

However, fighting the pandemic is a matter of local interest, since each municipality has its reality.

In this way, the manager has autonomy regarding measures to combat Covid-19, and there is no obligation to impose measures to combat the population.

For the Promoter, this does not prevent the manager from taking any action

Lucas César Costa Ferreira said that he has been following the cases of Covid-19 in Vianópolis, which even though they are numerous, are no longer being publicized by the municipal public authorities.

He says he only realizes this by following the work of our local health system.

Lucas César appeals to the population that even though there are no coping measures, it is up to every citizen with common sense, to wear a protective mask, alcohol and keep the distance, as there is a considerable overload of the health system.

The promoter said that in Goiânia, Aparecida de Goiânia and Anápolis, there are no beds available.

That is, the person who has any type of complication at that moment is due to Covid-19, will have difficulty in hospitalization, if they need more in-depth medical care, something more intensive, it will be difficult to get.

He says there are no vacancies and the waiting list is huge.

Lucas César advises people to be very careful, especially those who have some comorbidity or serious illness, now is not a good time to contract this virus.

Lucas César goes on to say that the good news is that with vaccination and the weakening of the virus, we are not having a large number of hospitalizations or deaths.

However, points out the Promoter, this does not mean that care now does not need to be redoubled.

So he makes this appeal to the population, because he knows the anguish and drama, which is to need a place in a health unit and not get it.

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