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Prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo, 34, was arrested this Thursday morning (23), in São Paulo. Justice had ordered his arrest on Wednesday (22), for beating boss Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39, while working at the city hall.

After the prosecutor was found, the general delegate of São Paulo, Osvaldo Nico Gonçalves, informed in an interview that Demétrius had been admitted to a clinic. The prosecutor will go through the Police Palace in the capital of São Paulo, where the arrest warrant will be served, then through the Legal Medical Institute (IML) for a forensic examination, and then he will be taken to Registro, where he will remain in prison.

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The governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB), also used social media to inform the arrest. “May the justice do its part now and use the full weight of the law against him. A woman aggressor goes to jail here in SP. Always report it,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Registro police were at the aggressor’s house on the same day the arrest was ordered, but he had not been found, according to information obtained by TV Tribuna, a Globo affiliate.

On the morning of this Thursday, the 1st DP police of the municipality were in the field behind the prosecutor, who ended up being arrested in the capital of São Paulo.

THE preventive arrest of the prosecutor was requested by delegate Daniel Vaz Rocha, who is responsible for the case. The police authority pointed out that the accused “has been having serious relationship problems with women in the work environment, and, in freedom, he exposes their lives to danger, and consequently, public order”.

  • Employee who denounced the prosecutor says that aggressor ‘despised women’ and fears going out on the street: ‘Very afraid’

Also according to the Civil Police, the investigation launched to investigate the case gathered photos and videos of the aggression, as well as testimony from the attorney general to support the request for preventive detention. The prosecutor who was attacked gave an interview telling what happened: ‘I think he is capable of anything’, she said in one of the excerpts (watch the video below).

'I think he is capable of anything', says prosecutor assaulted in SP

‘I think he is capable of anything’, says prosecutor assaulted in SP

As reported by g1, delegate Fernando Carvalho Gregório, also from the 1st Police District (DP) of the municipality, where the case is being investigated, claimed that the aggressor was initially released for “lack of flagrante delicto”. Macedo received the release soon after the preparation of an incident report (BO) at the site.

The National Association of Municipal Prosecutors (ANPM) released a note to express its solidarity with prosecutor Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros and to position itself on the aggression.

“The ANPM repudiates the violent conduct perpetrated by the server identified as Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo who, as reported, had his functional performance evaluated through a disciplinary procedure in charge of the victim”, added the association.

Video captures prosecutor being brutally assaulted at city hall in São Paulo

Video captures prosecutor being brutally assaulted at city hall in São Paulo

The woman attacked is Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39 years old. She is the Attorney General of the Registry, in the interior of São Paulo, and the chief prosecutor of the aggressor. Gabriela was at work when she was assaulted.

Demétrius Oliveira Macedo, 34, is also a registry attorney. The perpetrator of the attacks had already shown suspicious behavior and was rude to another employee of the sector, as reported by Gabriela to the civil police.

3.What motivated the aggression?

The prosecutor had demanded action on the episode of rudeness against an employee, as she was afraid to work in the same environment as Macedo and sent a memorandum to the Administrative Secretariat with a proposal for an administrative procedure.

On Monday (20), the creation of a commission to investigate the facts was published in the Official Gazette of the municipality. Probably, according to Gabriela, that was what triggered the attacks.

4.What are the details of the aggression?

The case took place on Monday afternoon (20), around 4:50 pm, in the city attorney’s office, inside the city hall. The action filmed by another employee shows that Macedo threw punches and kicked her colleague, who was working when she was surprised by the attack.

According to the police report (BO), he attacked her first with an elbow to the head and continued with punches in the face. The prosecutor said she tried to defend herself and even received help from an employee, who was pushed against the door and hit her back on the handle.

Free to continue the aggression, Macedo continued punching and kicking, even with two other employees trying to contain him. At one point, Gabriela managed to be removed from the front of the aggressor.

It is also possible to hear in the video that he offends the prosecutor several times. As soon as they heard the screams, two employees from the legal sector went to the scene and managed to control the prosecutor.

5.What are the victim’s statements?

Gabriela stated that she feared Macedo would revolt against her. “I was afraid, yes. I was afraid that this would happen, but I didn’t imagine it would be physical violence, I thought it was a ‘argument’, an argument”.

The prosecutor also stated that she felt disrespected in the face of the aggressions. “My dignity was exposed. As a woman, I was disrespected, as well as a public servant. Anyway, it was a global disrespect of my personality as a woman,” she vented.

Now, Gabriela wants Macedo to be prosecuted as a result of the aggressions and offenses against her.

6.What did the attacker say to the police?

Demétrius Oliveira Macedo told the civil police that he suffered moral harassment in the workplace. “He admitted that he assaulted the victim and claimed that he did so because he was morally harassed,” said Fernando Carvalho Gregório, delegate of the 1st Police District of the municipality, in an interview with TV Tribuna, affiliated with Rede Globo.

7. Will the aggressor be exonerated?

As an immediate measure to punish the aggression, the Municipality of Registro published in the Official Gazette No. 1076, the decree No. 525/2022, determining the preventive suspension of Macedo.

As described in the official acts, the prosecutor will be suspended for 30 days, without receiving a salary, starting on June 21, the date of the assault.

According to the city hall’s explanation, this measure is part of the administrative process that should end in Macedo’s dismissal. “It is necessary to follow this step and the legal procedures so that the decision is taken consistently”, he clarified.

8.What does the city say?

The municipal administration, through a note, expressed “the most absolute and profound repudiation of brutal acts of violence”.

“We reaffirm our commitment to the prevention and confrontation of all forms of violence, especially those that victimize women. The servers of the Municipal Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Legal Affairs will receive all necessary support, including psychological monitoring”, he wrote.

The municipal administration also told the other servers: “receive our support and know that the practice of violence is vehemently repudiated and will be severely punished”.

9.What does the National Association of Municipal Prosecutors say?

The National Association of Municipal Prosecutors (ANPM) stated in a statement that it sympathizes with the Municipal Prosecutor and repudiates Macedo’s violent conduct.

“The victim was attacked for reasons linked to the exercise of the position while the aggressor, it seems, acted motivated by a criminal intent. The ANPM reaffirms its commitment to raising awareness, preventing and fighting harassment in the field of advocacy and all forms of violence against women”.

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