Purchase of Extrafarma by Pague Menos is approved by Cade

The Court of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) approved this Wednesday, 22, the purchase of Extrafarma by Pague Menos. With the investment, estimated at R$ 700 million, Pague Menos occupies the second place in the pharmacy sector in the country.

What changes with the sale of Extrafarma?

The transaction was unanimously approved, but restrictions were imposed that include the sale of stores in eight cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants in the Northeast. Among the stores that should be sold, five are in Ceará, two in Maranhão and one in Rio Grande do Norte.

According to the rapporteur, Gustavo Augusto Freitas de Lima, the sale of the assets is being signed with the Bruno Farma Network and must be completed within 180 days. Only after these stores are sold to a company with the ability to compete can the operation be completed.

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On May 9, CADE’s General Superintendence had already issued an order recommending approval of the acquisition through the execution of an Agreement on Control of Concentrations (ACC).

One Pay Less on every corner?

Extrafarma is the sixth largest pharmacy chain in the country, with a presence in 11 states and 402 units. With this acquisition, Pague Menos should reach 1500 stores and surpass DPSP, owner of the Drogaria São Paulo and Pacheco chains. It will be second only to the Drogasil Network.

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