Robert Renan receives praise from companions and Vtor Pereira projects ‘other flights’ for the young man

The youth of the base were a great highlight of Corinthians in the 4-0 rout against Santos. One of them was Robert Renan, who had to be called after João Victor felt pain again and who drew praise from his teammates and Vítor Pereira.

Robert was called by the coach just six minutes into the second half. João Victor had already felt pain in the first stage and tried to continue on the field after the 15-minute break, but he couldn’t stand it. As soon as he entered the field, the young man already caught the attention of Vítor, who praised his performance and projected “other flights” for the defender.

Robert, I don’t know if you noticed, as soon as he entered the game, he put in a pass that is one of the most difficult to enter. Usually, they lateralize this pass, leave it to someone else, but when you have confidence, quality, he does what he did. This means something about his confidence, his quality, now he has to grow. But he has a lot of potential, he’s a player, like the many we have, young and will fly to other flights, without a doubt. For me, he will be a reference defender. He’s fast, he’s technical, he’s got personality.“, said the coach at a press conference, highlighting the young man’s qualities.

In addition to stressing Robert’s positive points, the coach also explained why he did not choose Robson Bambu. According to him, the defender was emotionally unstable.

Now, as for Robson (Bamboo), I can say that I felt Robson was a little emotionally unstable in the last game he entered. It is understandable why he needs to win people’s trust, from himself, we have to give it time”, pointed out the Portuguese.

Compliments from inside the field too!

It wasn’t just the coach who lavished praise on Robert Renan. His teammate and former base athlete, Mantuan praised the quality of the defender who is often called up to the Selection and also highlighted Matheus Araújo.

You saw Robert, right? He came in and it looks like he didn’t even feel the game. He’s a Selection kid, he has a lot of quality. Matheus is also from the national team, so they are players who have been helping us and will be increasingly prepared to help us”, said the striker.

Who also praised the defender was Cássio. The archer valued the youngster’s willingness to learn and the dedication he has in training, which guarantee good performance on the field.

I asked Robert if he was feeling well, he was happy, Matheus too. As I said, they are boys who are dedicated, who work. Robert has been going to the Selection frequently, he is a good boy, so I think he has the will to learn, he dedicates himself daily. We have a lot of injured players, players who are in transition, so we need everyone. There are many games, of course the most important is Saturday now and then we think about the other games, but we need everyone”, said the archer.

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