Rodrigo Mussi says that God explained accident in a dream: ‘Love was lacking’

Rodrigo Mussi spoke about his accident today while having breakfast with Ana Maria Braga at “Mais Você”. He told of a dream he had during his coma in which God explained to him the reasons for the accident:

“I told God I had everything: fame, friends, a lot of things, but I wasn’t happy. And then God went straight and said: it’s just that there was a lack of love, you didn’t experience true love in your life. And they say in the hospital that I cried a lot telling this dream, it was very strong.”

Rodrigo Mussi was in a car accident in São Paulo on March 31. The application car in which the former BBB was crashed into the back of a truck and he was thrown towards the front of the vehicle. Among other injuries, Rodrigo suffered head trauma and was left in a coma.

Gil do Vigor was also present at breakfast at “Mais Você”, and the two recalled a message that Rodrigo sent to his colleague before the accident: “I sent it to Gil the day before the accident that life is short. life can be much shorter if we don’t pay attention to safety”, reflected Rodrigo.

“I was desperate, we had a friendship, we talked a lot. And every time I traveled, he said: be careful, huh, when you get home, tell me. He was always very careful, a dear”, recalled Gil.

The economist added: “On the 30th we were talking and he said to enjoy the love that people give us, because life is short. it came as a lesson for me and I think for a lot of people, for us to enjoy life. We have to make every minute of our life count.”

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