Russian woman faints at home and is devoured by 20 pet cats

Experts say this is a common reaction of Maine Coon animals when they go for a long period without eating.

Playback/website/TheSunwoman is eaten by cats
Cats ate the owner’s body parts and were found starving by the police

A pet breeder was devoured by her 20 pet cats after collapsing and dying at her home in Bataysk, Russia. According to the English newspaper The Sun, the acquaintances of the woman, who did not have her identity revealed, missed her as she had not been to work for a while and did not even answer the phone, so they called the police to go to her house. Arriving there, they found the Russian woman’s body eaten and her remains partially devoured. The large and Maine Coon cats were starving when authorities arrived.

Police believe she has been dead for two weeks, but they are still investigating her decomposing remains for more concrete answers. For the animal rescue specialist who took care of some of the surviving cats, it’s understandable why the animals took this attitude. “The cats were left alone for two weeks, there was no food, so what else to eat?” said. “It’s understandable right? They ate what they had,” he added. Some of the cats were transferred to veterinary care, while others, which are in better condition, were given to new owners for 29 euros each (R$ 180 at the current price). However, it is not known whether the new caregivers were informed about the animals’ taste for human flesh.

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