São Paulo board decides to support Ceni on sparing holders or not against Palmeiras in the Copa do Brasil

Rogério Ceni during a game between São Paulo and Palmeiras, for the Brasileirão
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After the 2-1 defeat by Palmeiras, last Monday (20), by the Brasileirão, São Paulo coach Rogério Ceni said that the club’s board would say which team to line up against Verdão in the duel. this Thursday (23), for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. In other words: the coach left the decision on whether to use starters or reserves in the 2nd Choque-Rei of the week in the hands of the top hats.

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According to ESPN, however, this will not be the case.

According to sources heard by the report, the assembly of the team for Thursday will be entirely in charge of Ceni, without any interference from the high tricolor dome.

The promise is that there will be no interference in the commander’s work, with a guarantee of support for M1T0 whatever the lineup chosen for the duel against Verdão.

In his press conference, Ceni recalled that, if he repeats the starting lineup against Alviverde, he runs the risk of having the group exhausted for the duel against Juventude, at the weekend, for the Brasileirão.

I don’t know who is going to work on Thursday… The whole group that we have was there today. It’s a choice, the direction has to choose“, he stated.

Do you want to risk everything on Thursday against Palmeiras? We risked everything, you could lose a player through injury. And he’ll be tired against Juventude on Sunday (26), it’s a game every three days, there’s not much of a secret. You have to make choices, whatever the direction comes up with… It’s not just up to me, you can be sure“, he added.

How was this Wednesday’s training?

The São Paulo players held on Wednesday morning, at CCT da Barra Funda, the last preparation training for the match against Palmeiras. Rogério Ceni commanded a technical and tactical training and some players even made free kicks.

The coach continues with some casualties in the squad. Striker Nikão, recovering from pain in his left ankle, and midfielder Talles Costa, with a sprained right ankle, are still in the process of recovery and this Wednesday, in addition to the internal work at REFFIS, they performed on the lawn under the supervision of physical therapists.

Colombian midfielder Andrés Colorado, midfielder Gabriel Sara and striker Alisson continued the treatment of their injuries at REFFIS. The midfielder Luan and striker Caio were operated on this Wednesday. The procedures were successful and the players should start the recovery process in the next few days.

For this Thursday’s duel, Rogério Ceni tries to lift the spirits of the group of players, which is down after two consecutive defeats in the Brazilian Championship – the last being for the same Palmeiras, also in Morumbi, in a 2-1 comeback with two goals in the last few minutes.

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