Sensational! Flexible flights to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro from R$99 round trip

Run that there’s super lightning promotion on air tickets to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, for those who have flexibility of just one day on the date of travel. We found flexible flights to both destinations from just R$99 round trip, taxes included. That’s right, you did not misread…

The lowest prices apply to travel between November of this year, but there are excellent rates until June 2023, including the January holidays, depending on the route. But be careful, as places are limited and the promotion can be ended at any time! Check the rules and links in the post table and enjoy!

Flexible flights to Sao Paulo

AracajuOct/22-Jun/23BRL 296Buy here
BethlehemOct/22-Jun/23BRL 346Buy here
Belo HorizonteOct/22-Jun/23BRL 99Buy here
Good viewOct/22-Jun/23BRL 944Buy here
BrasiliaOct/22-Jun/23BRL 99Buy here
Large fieldOct/22-Jun/23BRL 157Buy here
cuiabáOct/22-Jun/23BRL 138Buy here
CuritibaOct/22-Jun/23BRL 99Buy here
FlorianopolisOct/22-Jun/23BRL 122Buy here
StrengthOct/22-Jun/23BRL 280Buy here
goiâniaOct/22-Jun/23BRL 159Buy here
João PessoaOct/22-Jun/23BRL 325Buy here
MacapáOct/22-Jun/23BRL 363Buy here
MaceióOct/22-Jun/23BRL 374Buy here
manausOct/22-Jun/23BRL 568Buy here
ChristmasOct/22-Jun/23BRL 357Buy here
palmsOct/22-Jun/23BRL 289Buy here
Porto AlegreOct/22-Jun/23BRL 145Buy here
Porto VelhoOct/22-Jun/23BRL 403Buy here
RecifeOct/22-Jun/23BRL 308Buy here
White RiverOct/22-Jun/23BRL 916Buy here
Rio de JaneiroOct/22-Mar/23BRL 99Buy here
saviorOct/22-Jun/23BRL 240Buy here
São LuísOct/22-Jun/23BRL 435Buy here
TeresinaOct/22-Jun/23BRL 410Buy here
VictoryOct/22-Jun/23BRL 99Buy here

Flexible flights to Rio de Janeiro

AracajuOct/22-Mar/23BRL 502Buy here
BethlehemOct/22-Mar/23BRL 564Buy here
Belo HorizonteOct/22-Mar/23BRL 100Buy here
Good viewOct/22-Mar/23BRL 1,067Buy here
BrasiliaOct/22-Mar/23BRL 145Buy here
Large fieldOct/22-Mar/23BRL 200Buy here
cuiabáOct/22-Mar/23BRL 211Buy here
CuritibaOct/22-Mar/23BRL 155Buy here
FlorianopolisOct/22-Mar/23BRL 208Buy here
StrengthOct/22-Mar/23BRL 340Buy here
goiâniaOct/22-Mar/23BRL 99Buy here
João PessoaOct/22-Mar/23BRL 538Buy here
MacapáOct/22-Mar/23BRL 774Buy here
MaceióOct/22-Mar/23BRL 446Buy here
manausOct/22-Mar/23BRL 532Buy here
ChristmasOct/22-Mar/23BRL 496Buy here
palmsOct/22-Mar/23BRL 621Buy here
Porto AlegreOct/22-Mar/23BRL 211Buy here
Porto VelhoOct/22-Mar/23BRL 857Buy here
RecifeOct/22-Mar/23BRL 312Buy here
White RiverOct/22-Mar/23BRL 835Buy here
saviorOct/22-Mar/23BRL 318Buy here
São LuísOct/22-Mar/23BRL 747Buy here
Sao PauloOct/22-Mar/23BRL 99Buy here
TeresinaOct/22-Mar/23BRL 690Buy here
VictoryOct/22-Mar/23BRL 99Buy here

How do Flexible Flights work?

Flexible Promo flights are a novelty in the Brazilian market created by 123milhas, currently the largest online travel agency in Brazil. In this modality, the traveler saves by buying the round-trip air ticket well in advance, outside of some periods with very high demand, such as some days in December, January, July and on national holidays or festive dates and events.

The ticket will be issued preferably for the date indicated. But it can also be booked a day before or after, always maintaining the desired stay (number of days at destination). For example, if you request a one-way ticket on the 10th and return on the 20th, the one-way ticket will be issued preferably on those days, or on the 9th and 19th (days before), or 11th and 21st (days after). In addition, it is not possible to choose the airline and the time of the flight, which may have a stopover or connection.

Preferably, up to 45 days before the trip, the company will send the flight data. But, in some cases, confirmation may be made exceptionally up to 10 days before the departure date. Cancellation is free within 7 days of purchase. Afterwards, the fine will be 20% until the ticket is issued. Once the ticket has been issued, the amount paid will no longer be refunded, as it is a promotional fare. Therefore, if you can no longer travel, it is necessary to formalize the cancellation before the ticket is issued.

The fares charged on Flexible Promo Flights are real prices that have already been marketed by airlines in recent months. There is nothing magical or outlandish. One of the central points that make this type of product possible is the purchase of the ticket and round trip well in advance and some negotiations made by the company.

An important detail: wait for confirmation of travel dates to book your accommodation or buy tours and tickets. Or book options with free cancellation and change. In the case of domestic travel, there is the option of booking flexible packages that already include accommodation and also offer incredible rates. In this case, you don’t have to worry about booking the hotel.

How is the luggage on Flexible Flights?

You will be entitled to a carry-on bag weighing up to 10 kg to be accommodated in the plane’s luggage, plus a bag or backpack, as required by law on domestic and international flights. If you wish to purchase checked baggage, you must contact the airline directly to purchase it, after issuing the ticket.

Flexible flights with children

  • Babies up to 1 year and 11 months: Theuntil the return date of the trip, they do not pay. However, be sure to inform the baby’s data (full name and date of birth) in the “Travel form”.
  • Children from 2 years: for children from 2 years old, it is necessary to purchase a flight equal to an adult.

Flexible flights with groups

123miles guarantees the issuance of up to 4 people flying together on the same flights. For groups with 5 or more people, there may be division into different flights, if the company is not able to allocate them all together.

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