Shaken, Joaquim Lopes reports severe pain caused by Covid | Column Fábia Oliveira

Joaquim Lopes, 42, appeared very dejected on Instagram this Wednesday (22). The actor tested positive for Covid-19 and spent a few days experiencing the symptoms of the disease.

“I’m missing here due to Covid. I was about to send my genetic material to NASA, because I thought I didn’t get this story. First time I get this shit. I am well. The first two days were horrible, a pain in the body… I don’t think I’ve ever felt such pain in my life. Headache, malaise. Bad, bad. But no shortness of breath, thank God,” he said.

The artist also revealed that his wife Marcella Fogaça and their daughters, the twins Pietra and Sofia, tested negative. Everyone here at home took the test and thank God no one got it”, pointed out Joaquim.

Then he calls for people not “let their guard down” right now, even if they are already vaccinated. “I swear to you, I hadn’t caught it yet, I had all the vaccines and everything is fine. But I saw about twenty-five people nearby taking it. So, take care of yourselves”, he asks.

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Lopes says he is isolated. “I managed to isolate myself here at home, in the mess room. It is important to separate cutlery, plate, glass, everything you are using and touching, leave it separate so the rest of the house is not in danger ”, he concludes.

Who also announced this week the diagnosis of Covid-19 was singer Roberto Carlos. Because of this, fans who were eagerly waiting to watch the Roberto Carlos’ show, this Wednesday (22), in Rio, will have to wait a little longer, as the presentation had to be postponed.

“The press office of the artist Roberto Carlos communicates that the singer, after a few days with mild flu symptoms, continues to test positive for Covid-19, even though he is at the end of his cycle. For this reason, concerned with everyone’s well-being and protection, we made the decision to move the show from June 22nd (Wednesday) to July 6th (Wednesday), at 9:30 pm, at Qualistage on Rio de Janeiro”, says the statement released by the singer’s publicist.

Tickets dated June 22 are automatically valid for July 6. The other dates are confirmed and without any change, as informed by the King’s team.

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