Sônia Abrão detonates Maisa Silva live and questions the young woman’s talent: ‘Boring and antipathetic’; watch

Sônia Abrão decided to comment on the rumors that Maisa Silva would be hired by Globo to run the new Video Show. This Wednesday (22), the presenter of “A Tarde É Sua” detonated the performance of the 20-year-old and also said that she is “boring and unsympathetic”.

“I can’t understand all that they do around her. Those fireworks they do around her. I find Maisa boring and unsympathetic. I think she might be competent in her niche, but she didn’t even do well on the show she did on SBT. This story of just her on the bench won’t last long”he said. “If I was wrong [sobre Maisa]I bite my tongue and I’m going to swallow what I’m saying”Sonia continued.

The presenter also said that it would be better for the young woman to work on a project as an actress. She pointed out that ex-BBB Ana Clara would be a good option for the show’s return. “Is it over there [Maisa Silva] doesn’t have that support, leaves her on pay TV doing a series or a character. Leave her there. Now, to call her to the Video Show bench, a show that is going through decades of such drastic change? I prefer Ana Clara a thousand times”sentenced the journalist.

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Rumors about Maisa hosting the Video Show started last month. According to rumors, the broadcaster would be analyzing the possibility of Ana Clara, Sabrina Sato and Paulo Vieira also occupying the program’s bench next year. Globo has not yet confirmed the story. Watch:

The attack by Sônia Abrão, who had already been criticized on the web, last week, for the disagreement with the influencer Gkay, was again reprimanded. “Sonia Abrão is thinking that it is still in the early days that almost no one had internet and she would say anything on that bad program of hers and nothing would happen”commented one netizen.

“Every week when Sônia Abram is no longer in the “evidence”, she gets a new woman to criticize. The ball of the time is SUPER TALENTED Maisa, last week at Gkay. Very low attitude, even for her!”, pointed out another account. Check out more reactions from the internet about the situation:

Other accounts, however, agreed with Sônia Abrão’s criticisms of Maisa Silva:

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