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Print of prejudiced speeches on instagram of famous chef de s
Chef from So Paulo Rodrigo Oliveira exposed prejudiced lines on his profile on social networks (photo: Reproduo/Instagram @rodrigomocoto)

A famous chef from So Paulo exposed prejudiced speeches he received about his restaurant, which is located in Vila Medeiros (SP). According to the comment of a customer, she would have been “afraid” of the place where the restaurant works.

On social media, chef Rodrigo Oliveira, owner of the Mocot restaurant, shared the speech that belittles the neighborhood. “We decided to go to your restaurant, what was our surprise and disappointment in such a dangerous and precarious location that you are located […] we were very afraid of the location of your restaurant. I would never have imagined that you would be so famous in a neighborhood like this. Sorry”, reads an excerpt from the message that was sent.

The woman, identified as Sandra in the message, also talks about Tatuap and hopes that Rodrigo will open a restaurant in the neighborhood that she calls wonderful. “Full of good restaurants with the same name as yours. Think about it,” she said.

About Sandra’s speech, Rodrigo shared on Instagram a print of the message sent and criticized the lines. “Hi, Sandra, it is precisely because there are people who still think like you that we continue to live and do business in Vila Medeiros. So, who knows, one day our neighborhood will be (even more!) full of successful businesses and opportunities for people who live here,” he countered.

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