Suspected case of monkeypox is discarded by the Municipality of Itaguaí | Rio de Janeiro

Blisters first appeared on the forehead and then spread across the face of the resident of ItaguaíPersonal archive

Rio – The suspected case of monkeypox in Itaguaí was ruled out this Wednesday (22) by the city hall. According to Mayor Rubem Vieira de Souza, the case was analyzed by the State Department of Health. The woman, who remains in isolation at the São Francisco Xavier Municipal Hospital, said she was warned about the result, but that she has not yet received the exams.

According to the Prefecture of Itaguaí, municipal management is taking all the care of its population in relation to the disease.

“The patient recorded a video distributed on social networks in which she pointed to blisters on her body and suspected that it could be the disease. However, it was another case discarded in Rio de Janeiro. Of the 17 notifications about possible contamination so far in the state of Rio de Janeiro, 2 were confirmed, 5 are under analysis and 10 were discarded. The city hall follows all the care in the treatment of the patient in search of the definitive solution for the case”, informed the city hall through a note.

Still hospitalized, the patient says she still feels a lot of pain, being treated with serum, dipyrone and sleeping pills. Still according to her, the spots change color, shape and do not stop growing on the body.

“Today (this Wednesday), I had asked how many days it took to reach the diagnosis of the disease. I took several exams. In the morning a woman came and said that the diagnosis could come in three days. In the afternoon, that same woman showed up with some papers saying that my diagnosis had arrived. Which was negative, but would keep me in isolation for now. But I didn’t see the result or the papers that were with her”, said the patient.

“I feel a lot of pain in my head, in my body. These glands hurt a lot. In addition to fever. I try to hold back as much as I can. home,” he said.

In a live on social media, the mayor of Itaguaí informed the population of the result of the exam. According to Souza, many “liars” rumors spread throughout the city. Also according to him, the people who spread lies “will be held legally responsible”.

The State Department of Health (SES) reported that, until this Wednesday, 19 notifications of suspected cases of monkeypox (monkey smallpox) were made in the state of Rio de Janeiro. So far, two cases have been confirmed (one patient residing in Maricá and another from London who arrived in Rio), one is under investigation and 16 have been discarded. The case under investigation is from Saquarema.

“The Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance of the SES (CIEVS-RJ) reports cases by municipality of residence of patients. The case of the patient who lives in London was investigated by the municipality of Rio de Janeiro”, informed the SES.

According to the Department of Health, it is important to note that although the disease was first identified in monkeys, the current outbreak is not related to these animals.

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