Taiwan says Chinese planes have entered defense zone

The island’s defense ministry has registered 35 Chinese warplanes in its airspace

Taiwan said 35 warplanes had entered the island’s air defense zone this week. In your profile from Twitter, the local Ministry of Defense accounted for 29 aircraft, on Tuesday (21.jun). In the morning of this Wednesday (June 22), 6 planes have already been visas in airspace.

China’s 29-plane operation was the 3rd largest air expedition organized by the Chinese People’s Army. At the beginning of the month, according to Taiwan, 30 similar aircraft entered the airspace.

The government of China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory, has increased its military presence in the region. Despite military pressure, the island’s president said that don’t “will bend”.

To Power 360the representative of Taiwan in Brazil said there is no doubt that China will attack the island. For him, China’s military exercises around the island of Taiwan are a “clear threat” of invasion.


The US and Taiwan announced a trade partnership called the “US-Taiwan 21st Century Trade Initiative”. THE China opposed “firmly” to the agreement between the 2 countries.

In late May, during a visit to Japan, Joe Biden stated that it will militarily defend Taiwan in case of a Chinese invasion.

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