Tandara is in favor of restricting trans athletes in swimming

posted on 06/22/2022 21:29 / updated on 06/22/2022 21:31

  (credit: JUNG Yeon-je / AFP)

(credit: JUNG Yeon-je / AFP)

Away from the courts since the Tokyo-2020 Games, the Brazilian national and Olympic champion for the volleyball team, Tandara, entered another controversy this Wednesday (22/6). In publications on social networks, she took a stand in favor of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) restricting the presence of trans athletes.

In the first post, Tandara justified the argument in isonomy. “As I’ve always said, I’m not against anyone, I’m against injustice. This rule should extend to all sports,” he said.

Subsequently, the Brasilia calf was more incisive in opinion. “They say the fight is for tolerance and acceptance… Do you really want to talk about tolerance? Is there only one way to look at situations?”, he asked.

The speeches of the Olympic champion in London-2012 generated a lot of repercussion and comments. “Doping is fair to athletes, Tandara?”, asked one of the followers. “Tandara, for God’s sake, hasn’t sunk far enough already?” wrote one netizen.

“These ‘cancelers’ show their true cause and open wide who it is that distils hate. And that is why we will continue our fight, building a fairer sport”, declared the player.

“They can tax me what they want, if I was afraid to defend my freedom or express my opinion, I would be hiding behind mediocrity and letting these people make the decisions for me. And just for the record, no one will shut my mouth,” concluded Tandara.

The Fina decision prohibits the participation of trans athletes who have gone through male puberty. The measure that came into force last Monday (20/6) allows only those who have completed the transition until the age of 12.

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