Tesla car catches fire after sitting in California junkyard for three weeks | Innovation

A white Tesla Model S electric vehicle caught fire in California last week after sitting in a junkyard for three weeks, Sacramento police said.

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Before it caught fire, the car was already badly damaged because of a collision suffered in an accident, days ago.

Tesla car catches fire after being stopped for three weeks in junkyard in California – Photo: Reproduction

When the Sacramento Police team arrived at the scene, the vehicle was fully engulfed in the fire.

Firefighters had trouble putting out the fire. When they finally managed to reduce the fire, it would rise again because of a gas leak in the battery compartment.

Firefighters then moved the Tesla aside to gain access to the battery compartment, which is under the vehicle. — Photo: @metrofireofsacramento

Along with the junkyard team, firefighters then moved the Tesla sideways to gain access to the compartment, which is under the vehicle.

In order to prevent the vehicle from igniting again – due to the residual heat – the teams created a small well, placed the car inside and filled the hole with water, thus gaining access to the battery compartment.

Fire left Tesla car destroyed. — Photo: @metrofireofsacramento

With the well, the team was able to reduce the total amount of water needed for the operation, estimated at 4,500 gallons, and also limit the runoff of contaminated water.

Firefighters managed to put out the fire, and there were no injuries.

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