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bee ball

Credit, Karine Aigner / World Nature Photography Awards

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This is the big winner of the competition. In this rare moment, a group of ‘Diadasia Rinconis’ bees gather in a swarm. Photographer Karine Aigner was able to capture this image quickly, as the bees were together for only about 20 seconds before flying away. These bees are native to America and are considered a solitary species.

Photographers from around the world participated in the Natural World Photography Awards contest, which asked for images that showcase life on Earth and the threats our planet faces.

The finalist photos will be displayed at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, USA.

Check out the winning photo (above) and other finalists, including images of some busy bees, a bat in search of food and a hopping ermine…

Credit, Sitaram Raul / World Nature Photography Awards

photo caption,

This image perfectly captures a fruit bat as it flies towards a pear tree to eat something, but it took a while to capture. Photographer Sitaram Raul spent three weeks watching these bats and learning their moves to get this perfect shot!

Credit, Sandesh Kadur / World Nature Photography Awards

photo caption,

This image was a finalist in the wildlife category. Photographer Sandesh Kadur captured this snow leopard. The photo is called ‘Ghost of the Mountains’, the nickname given to snow leopards, because they are brilliant in camouflage and it is very difficult to take a picture of them.

Credit, ‍Tom Shlesinger / World Nature Photography Awards

photo caption,

Look at this — a male black grouper swims through a school of fish. The Black Grouper is one of the largest fish in the ocean, reaching 2.5m in length and weighing up to 360kg!

Credit, Tom St. George / World Nature Photography Awards

photo caption,

Titled ‘Hidden Beauty Beneath Our Feet’, this photo features Mexico’s underwater caves. Photographer Tom St. George wanted to showcase the natural beauty found in the caves, but also to highlight how they are threatened because of development in the area due to tourism.

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