The schedules of the special flight that will bring parts of the Gripen fighter to the FAB are already known

Boeing 767-200F Cargojet plane
Image: Alasdair McLellan / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia

In recent weeks, we have exclusively reported on a special flight that SAAB hired to bring to Brazil a load of components related to the F-39 Gripen fighter jets. On Wednesday morning (22), the dates and stopping places of the aircraft, a Boeing 767-300ER from Canadian Cargojet, became known.

While cargo details remain a mystery, timetables and scales are already known. At first, I expected the plane to go straight to Anápolis, the FAB Air Base where the Gripen will be based. Afterwards, the plan changed and Goiânia was considered as a destination. Finally, with this morning’s update, it was learned that the jet will unload in Brasília.

According to the currently available schedule, the times are as follows:

JULY 2nd – The Boeing takes off from Orebro, Sweden, with SAAB cargo and heads to a technical refueling stop in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. From there, it goes to Brasília, where it is expected to land at 0:35 am the next day with flight number CJT-1791.

JULY 3rd – After the crew rest, the plane should take off from the federal capital around 5:50 pm, this time heading to Canada, its operational base, in a direct flight.

Still on the cargo, it was commented that it is a flight simulator, while others cite parts of the aircraft themselves. The matter, however, was not publicly detailed by the Air Force.

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