The start of Final Fantasy 14 and FF15 tarnished the series’ reputation, says Naoki Yoshida

Naoki Yoshida is currently one of the biggest stars of Square Enix and Japanese video game development. The producer and director achieved this through his efforts to resurrect Final Fantasy 14 and keep it highly popular, something he intends to continue to do for the series with Final Fantasy 16.

Yoshida feels it is especially important to work on quality games in the Final Fantasy series as it is one of the most memorable Japanese franchises, which due to recent failures has lost its importance to a whole generation of younger gamers.

In conversation with Japanese 4Gamer, thanks to Wccftech, Yoshida spoke of the special importance of Final Fantasy 16 as the series’ reputation was tarnished with the disastrous release of Final Fantasy 14 and everything that happened around Final Fantasy 15.

According to him, the long development time of Final Fantasy 15 meant that other series became more popular during the adolescence of this younger generation, which made the name Final Fantasy lose importance. In addition, the release of MMORPG FF14 also hurt the image.

Final Fantasy 14 was released in 2010 but its disastrous release forced the team to work to re-release it and that was in 2013, with A Realm Reborn and Yoshida leading the charge, while Final Fantasy 15 arrived in 2016 (7 years after Final Fantasy 13) and was seen as an incomplete game.

Yoshida has taken this into account, especially as he has had the tough task of re-releasing FF14, presenting Final Fantasy 16 as a complete and streamlined experience, but knows that it will be difficult to convince many players who are left with a bitter aftertaste after FF15.

One of the goals is to show how spectacular and electrifying Final Fantasy 16 is and before the year ends we will have another trailer with news.

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