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“I feel like the happiest and most grateful person in the world. It’s not just a Globo soap opera, even more so from 9 pm. It’s a soap opera written by Gloria Perez, who is someone I admire a lot and with a wonderful cast. So, I can’t feel anything but gratitude, happiness and willingness to be together, learn and make it happen. I’m very excited. I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience in my life”, Jade tells exclusively to Brazil Glamor.

Jade was born shining. At six months, she was already working as a photographic model and it didn’t take much to fall in love with the cameras. “Since I was little, I have always been interested in fashion and art. This was something that was stimulated in my home. I have always been fascinated by the world of cinema and television. I started as a photo model at the age of six months and continued as a model until the age of ten, then entering the internet as an influencer and as a businesswoman when I created my brand. I’ve been on the internet since I was 12”, she recalls. “[Trabalhar como atriz] andIt was something that stayed in my subconscious, in a saved space that I really wanted to accomplish. I was already talking about my desire to start studying, to learn more. I had already received invitations to work as an actress, but it was something I would like to do a little further on. Coincidentally, the year I had set to focus on this is 2022. In fact, 2020, but delayed by the pandemic. When it started to improve now this year, I said it would happen and it ended up happening Crossing. It was always something that was present in my desires, in my dreams. A new world for me to live in”, he says.

Jade Picon with the cast of ‘Travessia’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

When invited to audition for the soap opera, which has great names in dramaturgy as the protagonist Lucy Alves, Besides Humberto Martins, Cassia Kis, Rodrigo Lombardi, Alessandra Negrini, Vanessa Giacomo, Giovanna Antonelli, Alexandre Neroamong others, recalls the Brazil Glamor that I was nervous. Chiara, her character, will be the daughter of Thank you Massaferaactress she already admired, and romantic partner of Chay Suede.

“I was flattered when they called me to do the test. They told me what the idea was, if I was interested. I was very happy. that like everything I did, I would dedicate myself 100%. I took the test, waited a little while to find out the result. Super anxious. I passed. It was super exciting”.

Crossing found in the casting preparation sentence. “The recordings haven’t started yet. We are doing the dynamics, the reading with the cast where I got to meet everyone, which was sensational. Now, we continue with other dynamics for the recordings, with individual classes. my life. It’s my first priority. I’m practically living here in Rio de Janeiro”, he says with passion.

If on social networks, the debut of Jade Picon on the small screens of a soap opera at 9 pm gave much to talk about, behind the scenes at Projac, she was received with great affection. “Not just for the cast, but for the entire production since the beginning of the project. I am the youngest of the cast, both in experience and age, but I am treated very well. I feel that whatever I need, I will have a support. I made new friends, it’s a new cycle of people for me to live with. I’m very happy that my first experience as an actress will be alongside such renowned people, professionals that I admire so much. I’m sure I’ll be able to learn a lot”.

Jade Picon, who debuts in ‘Travessia’, plays Chiara — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@jadepicon

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