Union and Volks agree to reduce working hours and wages at a factory in SP – 06/22/2022

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Volkswagen will reduce the working hours of employees at its main factory in Brazil, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) by 24%, and cut wages by 12% starting in July, it said on Wednesday. the local metalworkers’ union, which accepted the plan in view of the lack of auto parts and electronic components for the automaker.

The measure will be applied on the return of the collective 10-day vacation of production workers, scheduled for between June 27 and July 7, said the entity.

Sought, the union informed that the plan “will be evaluated month by month” and that the end of the measure will depend on the flow of supply of parts for the assembly of the brand’s vehicles.

According to the administrative director of the ABC Metalworkers Union, Wellington Damasceno, the automaker intended to suspend a shift as an option due to lack of parts.

“We negotiated the workload reduction precisely because of the impact that the decision would have, not only for the workers at Volkswagen, but for the production chain, especially for third parties”, said Damasceno, in a statement. “It is the best tool we have for the moment, which will be evaluated month by month and may undergo changes until the situation normalizes”, he added.

The automaker has around 8,200 workers in São Bernardo do Campo, of which 4,500 are in production.

In a note, Volkswagen confirmed that it had agreed with the union to make the journey more flexible for the month of July, “due to the lack of components”.

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