“Very similar”; Clebão surrenders to Gómez and moves in the past when comparing defender with eternal idol of Palmeiras

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Former defender who made history in the Alamedas cast his eye on Gómez’s phase

Photo: Reproduction - TV PALMEIRAS
Photo: Reproduction – TV PALMEIRAS

When Gustavo Gómez scored after drawing with São Paulo, last Monday (20), paving the sudden start for the historic comeback, the Paraguayan defender equaled the number of goals scored by Vágner Bacharel, a defender who left his name marked at Parque Antártica with 22 goals. In the ranking of goal scoring defenders at Palestra, there is still a colossal player: Cleber, the eternal shirt 4 who scored 21 goals with the Alviverde mantle.

Clebão, as he is known in the universe in green and whitegave his opinion on Gómez, who is on a mammoth climb to establish his name in the pantheon of palm trees: “In my opinion, Gustavo Gómez is one of the best defenders in South America, for sure. Palmeiras is privileged to have him winning titles, defending, attacking, scoring goals”, said the former player in an interview with Wow Sport.

One of the pillars of the ‘Parmalat era’ generation, Clebão highlights Gómez’s leadership: “He is a leader who doesn’t talk much, but who clearly earns the respect of everyone for his physical, technical and tactical posture. He is a born captain, respected by everyone because of his qualities on the field, and not because of his imposition.” Then, he compared the Paraguayan with a strong name in the history of Palestra: “I see a bit of César Sampaio in him, yes. But for this part of the dialogue, of the posture on the field, of trying to talk”.

To explain Sampaio’s profile, Cléber used Dunga as a basis: “It’s a profile, for example, totally different from Dunga, who was a guy you saw who scolded everyone on the field. That was his way of leading , it’s him [Sampaio] He also had respect.” Finally, the former defender makes another comparison between Gómez and Sampaio: “I see Gómez and Sampaio very similar, in addition to their leadership on the field, in terms of the seriousness of the work, making good games. This was achieved and it is a reality whose fruits Palmeiras has reaped in every way”.

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