Video: Gang invades Itajubá, shoots at PM headquarters and blows up ATM

The tranquility of late night this Wednesday (22) in the city of Itajubá, in the south of Minas Gerais, was interrupted by the sounds of hundreds of gunshots when a gang of the so-called “new cangaço” invaded the city and exploded. a branch of Caixa Económica Federal, in the central region of the city of almost 100 thousand inhabitants.

According to initial information from the Military Police (PM), the invasion took place around 11:40 pm in the Vila Podis neighborhood. The criminals, armed with rifles, even fired shots at the unit of the corporation. So far, there are no reports of police officers or civilians killed and injured in the action.

Videos circulating on social media show the terror experienced by the population. Check out:

After minutes of terror, the criminals were seen leaving the city in two convoys with five vehicles, possibly one heading towards the city of Pouso Alegre and the other heading towards São Lourenço. Battalions in neighboring towns were alerted to the flight of the band.

“They’re all in the box, stopped the ‘bus’, shooting up, their target is the box” reads an audio that is being shared on the internet. “They just exploded a car in front of the police battalion, with a bullet. They shot the car like hell, really mujito”, said another resident.

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