Waiting line for hospital admission rises to 25 patients

For the second day in a row, the number of patients waiting in emergency rooms for admission to public hospitals rose in Franca. This Wednesday, 22, there are 25 people regulated in the Cross system (Health Service Offers Regulation Center), with an increase of eight patients, compared to the previous day.

According to the Health Department, of those awaiting transfer this Wednesday, ten are in the Municipal Emergency Room “Dr. Álvaro Azzuz”, another five in the Children’s PS “Dr. Magid Bachur Filho”, while ten are in the UPAs (Emergency Units Service), with six at Anita and four at the Airport.

This Wednesday’s records represent the largest number of patients waiting in the last 12 days. On June 10, 43 patients were registered at Cross. After that, the numbers were falling day after day, reaching just one patient, last Sunday, 19.

The number of people waiting for a vacancy drew attention again this Tuesday, 21, when the number rose from one to 17 people waiting for a transfer.

Recently, Santa Casa de Franca proposed the implementation of 50 new beds, which would be managed by the institution, to meet the demand. According to the Municipal Health Ministry, the installation of new beds to relieve Cross “depends on the signing of agreements with the State Government”.

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The situation in the waiting list is also a reflection of the volume of residents who pass daily through pre-hospital units in the municipality. During the 24 hours of this Tuesday, 2,729 people went through care, that is, 113 patients per hour.

Most of these visits took place in the Adult ER, where 1,195 passed. In Infantil, 476 children were assisted. In the UPAs, there were 600 assistances at the Airport and 458 at Anita.

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