With 25 votes in favour, Renato Freitas loses his mandate in the Chamber of Curitiba for breach of decorum; see how councilors voted | Paraná

With 25 votes in favor and 5 against, the councilors of the Curitiba City Council (CMC) approved, in the second and final round, the draft resolution that determines the loss of mandate of councilor Renato Freitas (PT) for “procedure incompatible with parliamentary decorum”. Voting took place on Wednesday afternoon (22). See above how they voted.

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Renato Freitas is 37 years old and in his first term. Elected with 5,097 votes, the university professor and lawyer held the position of Leader of the Opposition in the chamber. O g1 tries to contact Freitas’ defense to comment on the decision.

With the Freitas leaves, the number of self-declared black councilors drops to three in the chamber, which has 38 parliamentarians.

From the foreclosure, the CMC informed that it will start the process of publishing the project that effective the loss of Freitas’ mandate, at the same time that it will carry out the process of convening the first alternate for the PT, Ana Júlia, 21 years old. In the last elections, she received 4,538 votes.

Freitas was responding to an administrative procedure for breach of decorum, accused of invading the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, in February. Throughout the investigation, the councilor denied having invaded the church. remember below.

Renato Freitas was in his first term — Photo: Disclosure/CMC

THE decision of the majority of parliamentarians validates what defined the majority of the Parliamentary Ethics and Decorum Council, in May, which indicated the impeachment of Freitas for breach of decorumfrom five representations against the councilor.

  • Understand: Majority of the Ethics Council votes for the impeachment of Freitas and procedure goes to plenary

Freitas and his legal representative were not at the session, on the grounds that they were not regularly served. They also missed the first day. President Tico Kusma (Pros) said, in plenary on Tuesday (21), that the call followed what determines the bylaws.

In the second round, three councilors were absent: in addition to Freitas, councilor Maria Letícia (PV), for institutional commitments, and councilor Dalton Borba (PDT), for health reasons. Both were against the impeachment of Freitas and voted against the impeachment on Tuesday (21).

As in the first poll, two parliamentarians abstained: Professor Eueler (MDB) and Salles do Fazendinha (DC).

Another three were barred from voting.: Osias Morais (Republicans), Pastor Marciano (SD) and Pier Petruzziello (PP). By the internal regulations, representatives or represented, offended or spouses and relatives are prevented.

In March, the Archdiocese of Curitiba presented a document to the Parliamentary Ethics and Decorum Council asking that the mandate of Renato Freitas not be impeached.

The second round of voting on the bill against Freitas began at 3:30 pm this Wednesday (22) the second special voting session on the draft resolution proposed by the Board of Directors that decrees the loss of mandate of councilor Renato Freitas (PT). In the 1st round, on Tuesday (21), 25 of 37 councilors voted for the impeachment of the councilor.

This Wednesday, 35 councilors were present.. Prerogatives lawyers from OAB Paraná were also at the session.

At this Wednesday’s session, all councilors were able to express themselves about the project, as well as in the session on Tuesday (21). Three demonstrated before the vote.

In the first round of voting, on Tuesday (21), 25 of 37 councilors voted for the impeachment of the councilor, which validated the second round vote this Wednesday.

1st round of voting on the loss of mandate took place in the late afternoon of Tuesday (21) – Photo: Disclosure/CMC

Also on Monday (20), the councilor’s defense even filed a request to the mayor, councilor Tico Kusma (Pros), asking for the suspension of the call, but the request was not accepted by the presidency of the house.

  • Majority of the Chamber’s Ethics Council votes for the impeachment of Renato Freitas

The councilor’s lawyer, Guilherme Gonçalves, said that Tuesday’s session violated legal provisions and, therefore, the defense must present a writ of mandamus to reverse this Tuesday’s decision.

Until the beginning of this Wednesday’s session, the request had not been presented.

Curitiba Chamber decides to revoke mandate of councilor Renato Freitas (PT)

Curitiba Chamber decides to revoke mandate of councilor Renato Freitas (PT)

At special cassation sessions were scheduled on Monday (20), a few minutes after the chamber managed to reverse in court the preliminary decision that prevented the house from scheduling the sessions. The CMC reserved two rounds for voting, conducted under the same rite of appreciation of a bill.

The order of Judge Patricia de Almeida Gomes Bergonse, of the 5th Public Finance Court, reviewed the preliminary injunction that prevented the cassation session, a request from the defense of councilor Renato Freitas. Initially, the session would take place on May 19.

Councilor Renato Freitas — Photo: Carlos Costa/CMC

Freitas’ lawyer, Guilherme Gonçalves, contested, via request, the way in which the parliamentarian was summoned, according to him, through the contact of an intern in the cabinet, and also via email.

Gonçalves also said that the measure offends the summary of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on cases of cassation of councilors and mayors, which, among other determinations, requires a subpoena in person.

The allegations were disregarded by the presidency of the house, which chose to keep the session this Tuesday, claiming that the house’s bylaws are above federal determination.

“The jurisprudence on the need for a personal subpoena of the parliamentarian and/or his defender, and with a minimum period of 24 hours in advance of the session, is unanimous, including here in the Paraná Court of Justice”, argued Gonçalves.

According to the CMC, the judge’s decision was taken after analyzing documents provided by the Chamber regarding the authorship of the racist email against Freitas and other black parliamentariansindicating sender fraud, attributed to councilor Sidnei Toaldo (Patriota), rapporteur of the procedure against Freitas.

Renato Freitas, councilor of Curitiba, denounced an email with racist offenses attributed to a parliamentarian who asked for his mandate to be removed from the Ethics Council — Photo: Reproduction/RPC

The Chamber’s investigation alleged that the message was sent from an anonymous service, in the Czech Republic, against councilor Sidnei Toaldo (Patriot), rapporteur of PED 1/2022.

On May 21, the Justice had denied an appeal by the CMC to try to reverse the suspensive injunction.

At the time, judge Astrid Maranhão de Carvalho Ruthes, from the 4th Civil Chamber of the Paraná Court of Justice (TJ-PR), considered it “prudent to wait for the end of the investigation that investigates possible partiality of the rapporteur of the case against Renato Freitas in the Council of Ethic”.

Justice suspends session of the Chamber of Curitiba that would judge request for cassation of councilor Renato Freitas – Photo: Reproduction/Câmara Municipal de Curitiba

Request for nullity of the process

Freitas had his mandate removed to the plenary by the Parliamentary Ethics and Decorum Council by five votes in favor and two againston the 10th of May.

On May 17, the defense of councilor Renato Freitas filed an appeal with the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), of the Chamber, asking for the annulment of the procedure against him.

On the 19th, by 5 to 1 votes, the CCJ denied the request of the councilor’s defense, even before the Chamber was notified of the suspension of the session that would judge the cassation.

Opinion in the Ethics Council

Councilor Sidnei Toaldo’s opinion was concluded and presented to the House Ethics Council on May 6, when he received a request for a view from councilor Maria Letícia (PV).

At the conclusion of the opinion, Toaldo reported that there was a breach of decorum on the part of Freitas. He also said that during the invasion of the church, the councilor said “words of a political-ideological nature” to the protesters.

Main allegations in the proceedings against Renato:

  • Disturbance in the practice of religious worship
  • Unauthorized entry of protesters
  • Carrying out a political act inside the Church of the Rosary

At the time, Freitas’ lawyer stated that the process had ceased to be legal and had become political persecution.

He considered that Sidnei Toaldo’s vote is violent and affronts the evidence produced in the process and reaffirmed that Freitas did not lead the demonstration, disrespected the mass or participated in an argument with the priest.

Remember, below, how the members voted:

  • Loss of mandate:
    Denian Couto
    Indianra Barbosa
    Noemia Rocha
    Tony from the Pharmacy
    Sidinei Toaldo (rapporteur)
  • Archiving:
    Maria Leticia
  • Suspension for 90 days:
    Dalton Borba

In the hearings at the Ethics Council, which began on March 21, 12 witnesses were heard. The procedure was initiated in the CMC from five representations that allege, mainly, a breach of decorum.

Councilman was heard by eight other parliamentarians on April 11 – Photo: CMC

The invasion of the Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos Church took place on February 5, during protests of repudiation of the murder of Congolese Moïse Kabagambe and Durval Teófilo Filho. The councilor was part of the action.

At the time, the Archdiocese of Curitiba registered a police report against Renato Freitas. According to the Civil Police, the case remains under investigation.

Group demanding justice for Moïse's death enter church during demonstration

Group demanding justice for Moïse’s death enter church during demonstration

Father Luiz Hass said that he was celebrating a mass at the site and that he had to interrupt the service before the protesters entered the temple. Freitas claims that the cult was over.

On February 9, Renato Freitas spoke about the matter during an ordinary session in the chamber and apologized for the attitude. Watch below.

“Some people were deeply offended, and for these people I sincerely and deeply apologize. I’m sorry. It was not, in fact, the intention to hurt or in any way offend anyone’s creed. Not least because I myself, as you all know, I’m a Christian,” he said.

Councilman asks forgiveness for breaking into church during protest in Curitiba

Councilman asks forgiveness for breaking into church during protest in Curitiba

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