Woman dies after seeing her pit bull chase her son on the street

Pitbull dogs are considered dangerous because of their physical attributes. The athletic aptitude and the well-developed muscles of the animal generate fear and when we talk about bite the situation is even worse.

According to experts, when the dog attacks it is because there was a trigger or because it has developed disorders that are not inherent to the breed and that any animal would have, depending on the breeding.

Last Tuesday afternoon (21), a woman died when she was terrified to see a pitbull dog running after her son. The incident took place in the city of Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

Noelia Morán “died of fright”, according to one of her relatives, after the animal ran away from home, bit another dog and ran after her son in the municipality that is 630 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

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According to the victim’s relatives, the dog started chasing Noelia’s son, who had left to deliver a message in the Aerotalleres neighborhood, where he lives. The animal even tried to enter their house, being scared away by relatives.

“The animal was beside itself, it wanted to enter [na casa]. all with brooms [em mãos] they tried to keep him out, until they could leave him outside,” Betty, one of those present, told the local newspaper La Nacion.

According to her, the mother-in-law “fainted, dying at the moment of cardiac arrest”. Noelia suffered from high blood pressure and could not be revived in time by rescuers.

Identified only as David, the pitbull’s owner said he contacted the victim’s family, mainly because, according to him, Noelia was the mother of his children’s best friend. The man highlighted that the dog did not attack anyone, in an interview with the local portal La Brújula 24.

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