“You don’t see yourself fulfilled with your outcome”


After 10 years, the presenter will leave the command of “Encontro” and go to “The Voice Brasil”

She will present the "The Voice".  Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Fátima Bernardes
She will host “The Voice”. Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Fátima Bernardes

On the 4th of July, there is a change in the programs of the Rede Globo. the presenter Fátima Bernardes, for example, leaves the command of “Encontro” and will present “The Voice Brasil”. In an interview with OFuxico, Jéssica Sensitiva analyzed what will happen in the life of Fátima, who will have changes in her family and love life, with Túlio Gadêlha.

According to Jessica, Fátima has been going through a time of changes in her life. “Fatima Bernardes is going through a period of change in her personal life. Not only on Rede Globo programs, but also on issues coming from outside the station, which can happen”, she said. Love life will also have adjustments:

“Fátima also goes through a period in her personal relationship, during the elections, which will be a process in her love life a little adjusted. She will have difficulties in maintaining the balance of her relationship with her current partner.”

“What spirituality shows is that it does not see itself fulfilled with its professional outcome. It also shows situations of health problems, which can affect her career for not a long time, but a health-oriented period. You will have to spend more time out of professional activities and you will lose some of your professional prominence”, said Jessica.

Relationships with children will also change. Fátima is the mother of Beatriz, Laura and Vinícius, the 24-year-old triplets, fruits of her marriage to William Bonner. “I see her having a much longer career than at TV Globo, not because of age, but for health reasons. And she also needs to be closer to her personal life with her kids, which is important to maintain her family bond and connection.”

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