Zeca Camargo is operated and announces pause in social networks | Column Fábia Oliveira

On Wednesday afternoon (22), Zeca Camargo took to social media to tell his followers that he had to undergo surgery on his right eye after being diagnosed with a retinal detachment.

He had to undergo the procedure last Tuesday (21). To narrate the episode, the former presenter of “No Limite” posted a photo with a tampon and made a humorous post.

“Old Zeca, but you can call me The Six Million Dollar Man’, with his bionic eye! I know that if you are not at least 50 years old, you will not understand this joke. (Google help!). But I wanted to share the news with a little humor”, he began.

Soon the journalist talks about the diagnosis. “You who follow me here and are always so dear, so dear, within our relationship of transparency, deserve to know first. Yesterday I underwent surgery on my right eye. Diagnosis: retinal detachment. Solution: immediate operation”, he commented.

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Then he says that everything went well during the surgery. “All resolved, procedure super successful – and I’m already at home resting until the weekend. This means I will be stepping away from this space for a while,” wrote the Band presenter, announcing that he will step away from social media during the recovery.

The communicator reveals that he will continue to consume culture during rest. “But I know that we remain strong, believing in the wisdom, in the culture, in the brilliant minds that we always celebrate here. I’ll be listening to ‘Break my soul’ on loop, as well as ‘Finally Enough Love’ by Madonna, which comes out on Friday. Oh! And Criolo – much, even more! Seeing the second season of ‘Tehran’, finishing ‘Clark’ and ‘Andy Warhol’s Diaries’. Reading a pile of separate books for weeks! And inventing new things! See you soon! I follow you!”, he concluded.

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