Zeca Camargo undergoes emergency surgery after medical diagnosis

This Wednesday (22), Zeca Camargo used social networks to say that he underwent emergency surgery. The Band presenter underwent the medical procedure after being diagnosed with a detached retina, an eye problem that, if not treated in time, can lead to blindness. According to the journalist, he had the operation last Tuesday (21) and is now recovering at home.

“‘Old Zeca, but you can call me The Six Million Dollar Man’, with his bionic eye! I know that if you’re not at least 50 years old, you won’t understand this joke. (Google, help!). But I wanted to share the news with a little humor. You who follow me here and are always so dear, so dear, within our relationship of transparency, deserve to know first”, began the communicator with good humor.

“I underwent surgery on my right eye yesterday. Diagnosis: retinal detachment. Solution: immediate operation. Everything resolved, super successful procedure, and I’m already at home resting until the weekend. That means I’ll get away from this space for a while. But I know that we are still strong believing in the wisdom, in the culture, in the brilliant minds that we always celebrate here. See you soon! I’m still with you!.”

Zeca Camargo

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Zeca Camargo undergoes emergency surgery after medical diagnosisZeca Camargo appears with eye bandage after emergency surgery. Photo: reproduction

Zeca Camargo’s program continues to be shown after presenter’s surgery

Despite the medical intervention, Zeca Camargo’s program, 1001 questions, will be shown normally. O OnScreen contacted the Band who informed that there are unpublished editions already recorded and will be aired in the journalist’s recovery. In addition to the position of presenter, he holds the role of Executive Director of Production at the São Paulo broadcaster.

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