Zez Di Camargo gets angry with Graciele’s romanticism in the morning and goes viral

Zez Di Camargo gets annoyed with Graciele’s romanticism in the morning and goes viral (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

In recent days, the name of country singer Zez Di Camargo ended up being talked about a lot. That’s because, in his participation in the Fausto program, on Band, the artist made revelations about the possible end of the duo with his brother and also told what he thinks about his ex-wife, Zilu Camargo. Now, another attitude has made him viral on the networks.

The musician ended up venting after getting stressed with his fiancée Graciele Lacerda. While filming the sunrise, he stated: “Let me tell you something: it’s only six o’clock in the morning, Graciele made me wake up to come here at the window to look at the sun. I told her, reality is not lacking in romanticism! I said: ‘Graciele, the sun has been here since that I was born! We’re going to die and he’s going to continue to, let me sleep for God’s sake!'”.

Together since 2014, the couple has been making plans to have a child soon. Recently, the country singer made fans anxious by revealing that he will soon be a dad again. “I’m sure in a few months I will give the news that I will be a father again”revealed the musician while, the fitness muse revealed:

“By the end of the year I’ll get pregnant. Zez will be in the northeast for two weeks now and on the way back we’ll do another fertilization. I’m sure it will work”
. It is worth remembering that he is already the father of Wanessa, Camilla and Igor, fruits of his 32-year marriage with Zilu.

When showing himself stressed with the bride, he concluded the outburst to the followers and even uttered words, going viral on the web. “It’s hard for us to sleep, I have an insomnia problem, when I sleep she wakes me up to see the Sun. Holy shit, this Sun will stay there until the day we leave!”.

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