Adriane Bonato accepts Claudia Rodrigues’ marriage proposal, and reveals next steps: “We’ve never been so happy”

Oh the love! In early June, Claudia Rodrigues surprised the public by making a declaration of love and a public proposal of marriage to her former manager, Adriane Bonato. Over the last few weeks, fans have been following the unfolding of the novel and, this Thursday (23), Bonato revealed that he finally said ‘yes’ to Claudinha’s request!

In an audio released by RedeTV!’s “A Tarde É Sua”, the businesswoman (who dedicated the last ten years of her life to Rodrigues’ career and health), detailed how the romance is going and confessed that she is very happy with the actress. “We are very happy, very happy, we have never been as happy as we are now”, said Adriane.

The comedian’s partner also pointed out that the feeling between them has directly influenced Rodrigues’ fight against multiple sclerosis, a disease with which he has been battling since 2000. “Claudinha has been getting better every day and it’s amazing how love can heal a person. And we are very happy with what is happening.” added.

Adriane Bonato and Claudia Rodrigues are officially dating for just under a month. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)
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On the same day that he turned 52, Rodrigues explained that his birthday wish was, in fact, to spend the rest of his life with Adriane and then he made a public proposal of marriage. Since then, both Claudinha and fans have been waiting for a response to the request, which finally came this afternoon.

Still in audio, Bonato revealed that he accepted the comedian’s proposal and said that the new step in the relationship should not take long to happen. “Very soon, but very soon, there will be engagement and marriage”said the businesswoman. “So, Dri accepts the marriage proposal and will marry Claudinha yes. It’s the couple of the year, as they say. So, we cannot disappoint. Here comes the wedding!”, celebrated. We’re waiting for the invitation, huh?! Hahaha

According to Bonato, the couple should exchange rings soon. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

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