Agent responsible for Putin’s ‘nuclear briefcase’ found shot | World

Russian agent carrying Putin's nuclear suitcase found shot in Moscow
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Russian agent carrying Putin’s nuclear suitcase found shot in Moscow

The Russian agent responsible for carrying President Vladimir Putin’s briefcase containing the nuclear codes was found shot at at his home in Moscow on Monday. Vadim Zimin is admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) in the Russian capital.

Zimin is 53 years old and a retired colonel in the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s top security agency. According to the American magazine “Newsweek”, he was found “in a pool of blood” after being wounded with a gunshot.

The Ukrainian newspaper “Kyiv Post” reported that the main suspect is that Zimin shot himself in the head.

The Russian agent has already been filmed and photographed next to Putin holding the “Cheget”, as the briefcase containing the Kremlin’s strategic nuclear missile launch apparatus is known.

Inside the folder is also a personalized key code and it remains under 24/7 supervision. The presence of the folder is considered a form of symbolic threat to the West.

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