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Camilla de Lucas clashed with a follower after taking a stand on the case of the attorney general who assaulted a colleague

Camilla de Lucas took a stand on controversy and the subject ended up turning to herself
© Reproduction/[email protected]Camilla de Lucas took a stand on controversy and the subject ended up turning to herself

Camilla de Lucas went to position itself on controversy and the subject ended up turning to itself. This Thursday (23), the formerBBB 21 gave his opinion on the police approach in the prison of Demetrius Macedo, prosecutor who assaulted a co-worker. “Where are the handcuffs?”, asked the model.

With the questioning, camilla may have unreasonably left the idea that the server would not have been handcuffed because he was a white person. In this sense, the influencer received a flurry of criticism and some people even claimed that the content creator would be “militant wrong”.

“How stupid! It’s not a privilege, my friend, it happens that the legitimate use of handcuffs it’s not arbitrary… He fought wrong, next”, wrote one internet user. camilla then he tried to answer right away. “She really thinks they only put handcuffs on when the person is going to run away. She’s saying that skin color doesn’t influence hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! And I’m the dumb one,” she said.

“My mother was already taken to precinct in a car trunk full of blood, simply because there was a white car stealing in the neighborhood where we live and our car is also white. And only our car was stopped, but they swear skin color doesn’t matter,” he wrote. Lincoln Renaissanceanother netizen who came out in defense of Camilla.

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