Anitta explodes with a flurry of criticism and counters attacks from followers: “Fuck yourself”

After a flurry of criticism, Anitta explodes with negative comments and sends a sincere message on social networks

The singer anita he doesn’t make a point of hiding that he has little patience for the criticism he’s been receiving. This Thursday (23), the artist released the verb and made a point of clarifying that she does not care about the opinion of people who do not know her.

In her profile on social networks, after being accused of kissing a security guard during a show, the funkeira, who denied that the kiss took place and said that the video was made from an angle that makes it seem that the peck really happens, she sent a message. to critics.

“Manual on how to deal with the internet today: Create your own reality where there are only three types of people”started her, who recently took up a relationship with the music producer Murda Beatz.

Then the beauty mentioned the types of people that each one must pretend to exist and even sent an insulting message to the ‘haters’ [odiadores]: “1: The ones who love you. 2: The ones who are jealous of you because they wanted something you have. 3: The ones who don’t know you. Fuck the rest. End Follow for more tips”shot.

The beauty also responded to an alleged fan, who complained about her not meeting the requests of the followers: “I super accept your sincerity. Is that you? Do you accept that I chose to give a really big f*ck so I can stay happy in mine?”poked.



Apparently, Anitta’s boyfriend did not like the joke at all, much less understood that the video in which the singer allegedly kisses the security guard was out of context. In her Instagram Stories, Murda Beatz snarled at her own lover, with whom she recently entered into romance.

“Congratulations to those who find partners with pure intentions”, he wrote in a very direct post. The post no longer appears on the producer’s profile. When Anitta explained herself about the video, she even mentioned that the music producer is not very in favor of such jokes, which can get her into trouble.

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