Arthur Aguiar undergoes emergency surgery: ‘Nervous and tense’

Arthur Aguiar underwent surgery this Thursday (23). The singer postponed the tour due to an inguinal hernia, a condition in which the soft tissue of the intestine forms a bulge, which needed to be operated on. He said he was afraid of the medical procedure, but said that everything went well.

“Today is the day I’m going to have my surgeries. I confess that I’m nervous and tense. Even because the surgery has been postponed a few times, but today it happens and I’m too shitty for that. I’m afraid of general anesthesia, but I have what to do is not optional,” the actor said before the procedure.

A few hours later, he returned to social media to reassure fans and say that everything went smoothly. “I stopped by to say that everything is fine. The surgery went well. I’m still a little groggy from the anesthesia. The operation was a success and I’ll be going home soon”, said Arthur Aguiar from the hospital bed.

The artist revealed that he would undergo surgery in early June. He said he already knew he had the hernia before booking the tour, but believed he could undergo the operation after performing the shows. “The pain has been increasing, and I had been talking to my doctor, trying to postpone the surgery as long as possible, but unfortunately, with the rapid worsening, he asked me to operate before the tour because a more serious complication can happen due to the movements and efforts. involved in the whole process, and the situation will be infinitely greater”, he explained at the time.

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