At six months, MC Loma reveals malicious attacks on her daughter: “They wanted her dead”

Dejected, MC Loma reveals malicious attacks on her unborn daughter and takes drastic measures to keep the heiress’s privacy

Last Wednesday night (22), the singer MC Loma appeared dejected on social media when reporting malicious attacks directed at her daughter, Melaniewhich has not yet been born.

At six months pregnant, the funkeira said that she intends to keep the heiress’s privacy and has no plans to show it on the web after the birth. The reason? Unnecessary comments from followers.

I won’t show Melanie, I’m sure. I don’t know, when she’s a few months or years old. But I won’t show it. I am very humiliated here on my Instagram, as incredible as it may seem. I get about fifty messages a day from people asking me to kill myself, wishing I was dead.“, she began.

And continued: “Sometimes. I don’t even want to show up here because of that, I have this trauma. I don’t want my daughter to go through this, I don’t want to expose a baby, which is such a pure and innocent thing here, for people to humiliate“.

The artist also revealed that they already wished for the death of their baby. “Here I’ve already received messages, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, from people wishing Melanie dead. Do you have any idea what this is? People wishing for the death of a baby. I won’t show her because of that“, he added.


At six months, MC Loma reveals malicious attacks on her daughter:


The singer MC Loma She is already in the sixth month of her pregnancy and shared another moment of this important phase with her followers.

At 19, she is expecting her first child. Melanie and already has a big belly. Recently, she even appeared dancing in her profile and showed her belly reaching the limit.

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