Bap and Dekko Roisman leave the football board of Flamengo, which suffers three casualties in two weeks | Flamengo

In the midst of Flamengo’s political and results crisis, the club experienced a new movement behind the scenes this Thursday, the day after another defeat, the fifth in the last six games. Dekko Roisman and Luiz Eduardo Baptista, the Bap, left the Football Council, also known as Conelhinho.

That’s three casualties within the group in two weeks. Conselhinho was formed in 2019 with five members: Marcos Braz, Luiz Eduardo Baptista, Bap, Diogo Lemos, Fábio Palmer and Dekko himself.

A former deputy for external relations, Bap is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dekko is a member of the Deliberative Council.

With the three terminations, the Conselhinho, the subject of questioning since its inception, boils down to two people at the moment: Braz and Diogo Lemos. There is still no decision on the future of the group, but there is an expectation of replacement in relation to recent lows.

Dekko Roisman is second from left to right between Bap and Diogo Lemos; in the photo are the original members of the Council — Photo: Reproduction

On the 15th, in a note released on social media, Fábio Palmer, “because he understood that his performance was no longer contributing” to Flamengo, asked to leave. Palmer is a member of the Ideologia Rubro-Negra group.

Despite Dekko having left the Conselhinho, he does not return to Fla Fut, a group that withdrew its support for Rodolfo Landim also on June 15th. Like Palmer, Roisman did not become opposition to Landim.

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